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Fire Damage and Water Restoration Experts

St. Louis Home, Commercial and Industrial Restoration Services

Home Damage Restoration

Apex Restoration leads the way for homeowners dealing with fire damage, water damage and storm damage.  Our courteous professionals work diligently with your insurance adjuster to allow you time with your family.

Apex Restoration is passionate about mold remediation too!  After finding evidence of mold, many homeowners are hesitant to return to their homes out of fear.  Our optional third-party air quality reports available at the end of each project reassures even the most skeptical homeowner.  When we leave a home, we leave it CLEAN!


Commercial Damage Restoration

Whether your business is coffee grinders or telecommunications, you need the speed and expertise of Apex Restoration!  Our team works quickly to reduce downtime and lost productivity.  Using the most technologically advanced equipment, our team will restore your property to like-new condition decreasing lost productivity in the process!

Industrial Restoration

When your production lines have stopped, so have your profits!  Apex Restoration & Construction understands your needs to get the wheels moving again.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond any-sized disaster.

Whether your office is flooded or your warehouse was on fire, our fast response team will start restoring your money-maker as soon as we arrive.  We work with your onsite staff to repair the damage then restore your factory good as new!

Apex Restoration & Construction was founded to provide a compassionate hand to victims of disaster in the St. Louis area.   Whether you are a victim of fire damage, water damage, or storm damage we will compassionately restore your possessions to like new condition.  If mold, asbestos or other hazards have been discovered, we can repair the problem and provide thorough air quality testing certification.

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Immediate response for your immediate needs

When an emergency erupts, you don't have time to waste! Time really is money and the longer your home is damaged the more expensive the repair costs will be. Unlike other restoration companies, our teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our specialists are ready for any size emergency and will spring to action at a moments notice. These professionals are highly trained to assess the emergency, resolve the problem and provide an initial plan of attack.

From broken water lines causing sloppy water damage to storm damage, you can count on Apex Restoration to respond and think quickly!

Strategy wins the day

Each day, our project managers take the phrase "Fail to plan, plan to fail" quite literally. Without a solid plan in place, even the best run projects can quickly run aground.

Apex Restoration thoroughly researches and prepares a well thought out strategy for success for each project, complete with photographs, charts, schedules and billing.

We coordinate the assembled teams to reduce conflict with your families schedule yet continue to push forward with the strategy.

Let's get to the bottom of this

Demolition might seem scary, but it's the best way to find out exactly how much damage has been done. Our demolition crew will only remove what cannot be saved to minimize costs and reduce the total time to repair.

Soft goods such as furniture, carpeting, books, pillows and other items will be sent out to be cleaned and sanitized and will return odor-free. Initial water mitigation will begin throughout the rest of the home to reduce damage and odors.

Many pictures will be taken and additional assessments completed and communicated to your insurance adjusters.

Rebuild and Restore

Once your home is dry and all the inspections have taken place, our restoration team will really get to work! Walls and ceilings will be rebuilt and floors will be recovered. Drywall and paint will go on and family pictures will be put up.

Your soft goods, fully cleaned and sanitized, will return to your home...good as new!

Our journey is at an end

Once your home is back to normal, paperwork rules the day. Your insurance adjuster and various inspectors will visit. More pictures will be taken.

Finally, your family can move back into your home!

Up until now, Apex Restoration has not rested on your project. Our professionals have pushed hard to return your home to your family better than new!

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