Looking for emergency board up services?

Board Up Services

After the first responders arrive, board up services are called in.  Our “2nd responders” clean up the mess the fire, ambulance and police leave behind.  The board up service team bridges the gap between fire & rescue and our restoration team.

When the board up team arrives, emotions are usually high.  The first responders are running on adrenaline, hurrying to eliminate the immediate danger and make sure everyone is accounted for and safe.  Medical professionals are often present caring for any physical injuries the family may have.


Apex Restorations’ Board Up Team protects prized possessions at a moments notice.

What are Board Up Services?

When your property is structurally damaged, every second counts!  Without temporary protection,  your contents are subject to soaking rain, blistering sunlight, potential thieves and other outdoor damage. Just an hours’ delay can result thousands of dollars in additional damage from:

  • Water infiltration
  • Pest infiltration
  • Property Theft
  • Additional structural damage

Why Apex Restoration?

Apex Restoration was created to be a natural “2nd Responder” during times of storms, fires and floods.  Typical board up services include services such as:

  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Window board ups
  • Downed tree removal
  • Utility shut offs

Over the years, we have nurtured deep relationships with your local first responders.  Fire chiefs around St. Louis know Apex Restoration will respond quickly and stay until the job is done…often deep into the night!  See why trusted officials in the midwest trust us with their board up services jobs!

Board Up Services

  • Emergency roof repair
  • Temporary roof building

Window Boarding

  • Install plywood over windows
  • Keeps weather, animals and burglars out!


  • When walls and roofs are damaged, tarps are used to keep water infiltration to a minimum.

Utility Shut Off

  • We make sure your electric, gas and water services have been shut off to prevent additional damage and/or injury.
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