About Us

Apex Restoration & Construction was born from a belief in “better”.

  • Better equipment.
  • Better technology.
  • Better customer service.
  • Better.


We wanted to build a company who stands up for the victim of storm damage when they need it most.  Showing up at a fire before the firemen have left.  Arriving in time to shut off the water when a pipe breaks.

Many companies boast “best”, but what does that mean?  The best company?  The best service?  Or, maybe “best” means “the best the company can be”.


When “best” is achieved, what is there to strive for?


At Apex Restoration, we strive to be better than yesterday.  Better than last project.  Better than last year.


With “better”, there isn’t a mountaintop to reach allowing our company to innovate:

  • Find better ways to serve the customer
  • Discover better tools to get the job done more efficiently
  • Create new methods to improve processes
  • Be Better

Because when we continue to improve, we will be the best local restoration company in St. Louis.

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