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by / Tuesday, 13 January 2015 / Published in Mold

How to get rid of MOLD?  Whether the mold is white, black or green all mold can be harmful.  Many different ways exist to kill mold; this is relatively easy.  But killing mold is only one step in making sure the mold is gone and won’t return.  Homeowners want to be sure their families are safe in their homes.  Are you safe in your own home?

What is Mold?

How to get rid of MOLD

Look, there are many recipes, products and tools out there to get rid of mold.  Some involve bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, steam, heat, scrapers…fact is there are plenty of ways to kill mold.

But do you want to kill or completely eliminate the mold problem you have?  Would you rather fix the problem permanently?

Permanent Mold Elimination

Eliminating mold from your home takes more than rubber gloves and household cleaners.  The mold is GROWING inside your home!  Homes are not meant to grow mold; they are built to be warm and dry.  This means other problems lurk just under the surface, causing your mold problem.


Excess moisture (water) coming into your home makes the mold spores feel right at home!  This moisture could be from a constantly damp:

  • basement
  • attic
  • bathroom
  • utility room
  • window

Homes aren’t designed to be damp. Homes are designed to be warm and dry.  When a home is damp, this means the house waterproofing system has failed.  Examples of mold-causing water leaks include:

  • basement cracks
  • failed vapor barrier
  • roof leaks
  • poor bathroom ventilation
  • holes in siding
  • missing drip edge
  • failed caulking around windows
  • poor air duct insulation

What to do

So you want to try to get rid of the mold yourself?  Ok, let’s go through a few considerations.

First, consider how big of an area covered in mold.  A good rule of thumb is any mold removal bigger than 10 square feet is a job for a professional mold remediation company.

Second, do you have an idea where the water is coming from?  Mold around a wet window may be able to be repaired by fixing the moisture problem then killing the mold.  If the mold returns, your best bet is to call us for a free quote.

Third, do you have mold in your HVAC (air conditioning) ducts?  This situation requires a thorough cleaning of all the duct work in the home, since mold spores are blown with the currents.



Just like other pests in your home, mold is present for a reason.  Moisture infiltration and a lack of air movement can give a lonely mold spore everything it needs to grow and thrive in your home.  “How to get rid of mold” is more than applying a band-aid.  Fix the problem permanently and mold will never return!


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