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what-is-moldWhat is mold?  Mold is simply a fungus.  To reproduce, mold colonies release tiny spores into the air.  These spores travel where ever the air currents, insects and humans carry them.  When a mold spore lands on a habitable spot, it will happily grow and establish its own colony.  The cycle then repeats.

Now that we know what is mold, let’s dive a little deeper into mold:

Why mold is harmful


An overabundance of mold can cause different reactions in different people, depending on the persons’ sensitivity to mold spores.  Stuffy nose, red eyes, skin irritation and wheezing are signs of mold spores in the air.


Athletes foot, jock itch, nail infection and overly dry skin can also be signs of mold infestation.  Notice where each of these infections are located?  Places on the body normally covered up and moist.  Mold loves moisture!


Eating moldy food gets the majority of mold toxicity cases, however farmers and veterinarians are at risk for inhaling large quantities of mold spores living in grain bins, hay stacks and other bulk containers.

What mold needs to grow

Since mold is a pretty simple organism, its needs are very simple also.  Mold needs 3 things to survive:

  1. Food Source.  Mold needs a consistent food source to survive, but isn’t at all picky.  Pretty much anything organic will keep mold happy and healthy.  Dust, carpets, wood, drywall, curtains…anything that was living at one time or another.  Mold LOVES wood and paper products!
  2. Water.  Whether this water comes from a leaking faucet or a flooded basement, mold needs moisture to survive.  If your home is continually damp, mold will find a way to build a colony.  If the area dries out, mold has the unique quality to go into “hibernation” until water returns.
  3. A quiet place to grow.  Leaking basements, damp bathrooms and poorly sealed exterior walls are great places for mold to build a colony.  The less traffic in the area, the better mold loves it!

Why mold grows in houses?

Mold grows in houses because the house meets its particular survival needs.  If the home is organic (wood, paper, etc), has a water infiltration problem (leaky basement) and is left alone then mold will thrive!

We hope this article has cleared up what is mold.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to call us!

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