Storm Damage?

Storm Damage

storm-damageStorm damage can occur when least expected.  Weather in St. Louis can change in an instant throwing your lives into turmoil.  A well-planned early summer day spent at Six Flags with the family can result in a frantic dash home and the rest of the summer spent bunking at an extended stay hotel.

Even a small, fast-moving storm cell can rip off shingles, blow down trees and wreak havoc on your family lives.  Rest assured, Apex Restoration mobilizes our fast response teams at the first sign of severe weather and are ready to help 24/7/365 to whatever Mother Nature throws our way.



Storm Damage in St. Louis

St. Louisians can experience weather changes like no other place in the United States.

Summertime brings wind storms and tornado’s to our region.   These hard-hitting storm cells can arrive with little warning and leave pure destruction behind.  Storm damage from tornado’s in Joplin, Florissant and St. Charles are still being cleaned up years after the actual event.

Winter in St. Louis brings bitter winds, ice storms, snow and limb-snapping cold temperatures.  Trees still full of moisture are hardest hit; the sap in their limbs freezes and expands causing breakage.  Cold winds from the west cause roof damage and, when water infiltrates, freezes and expands to cause even more chaos.

On the Road

Even before a storm hits, our fast response team is stocked with all the supplies needed to protect your home from additional storm damage.  Fully charged screw guns, sheets of plywood, new tarps and plenty of technology is packed into each vehicle.  When the weather gets nasty, our teams are on the clock 24 hours a day ready to help!


Ever Vigilant

At Apex Restoration, we understand the needs of our St. Louis neighbors.  As a local storm damage restoration company, we have lived our entire lives in the area and have experienced the same frontal systems as you have.  Our professionals board up homes late into the night, ensuring treasured possessions are protected.  After the first responders leave, Apex Restoration is there to protect, restore and rebuild your lives!

We are confident in our experienced team of professionals.  These men and women have dedicated their lives to restoring your home to better than pre-storm glory.  Apex Restoration is the king of storm damage restoration!


Our customers say it best!

  • "They had us boarded up within an hour after I called. Apex did a wonderful job bringing my family back to normal!"
    Tammy S. Fenton, Missouri
  • "We are so thankful to have found you and your company! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
    Marlyn F. Pond, Missouri
  • "I was expecting a huge headache, but Apex worked directly with my insurance company to restore our dream home better than before!"
    Thomas L. Sweet Arcadia, Missouri

Board Up Services

  • Remove debris
  • Board up holes in structure
  • Stop water infiltration
When foul weather damages your home, immediate response is required to minimize damage to your home. Boarding up your home helps keep the elements and the neighborhood critters out!

Tree Removal

  • Remove stress on structure
  • Cut apart tree
  • Properly dispose of waste
High winds from storm fronts and tornado's can quickly snap the strongest of shade trees, causing massive damage to your home and property. Apex Restoration will arrive quickly to safely remove the unwelcome tree and prevent further damage.

Utility Shut Off

  • Locate and turn off electricity
  • Locate and turn off gas
  • Turn off water at curb
  • Notify each company of the damage
Making sure the rest of the neighborhood is safe is an important task after storm damage. Apex Restoration ensures all electricity, gas and water utilities have been shut down to eliminate risk to first responders and neighbors alike.
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