Have Water Damage?

Water Damage

Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth! Just an inch in your home can cause thousands of dollars worth of water damage to floors, walls and foundations.  The constant erosion by water in the Colorado River even created the mile deep Grand Canyon!


 Family In Crisis


Water damaged cabinet caused by a failed sump pump.

It’s no wonder families are floored when seeing their water damaged home for the first time.  Many are moved to tears when they see their pride and joy is a water-logged mess of memories.

Our professionals understand the trauma your family is enduring.  We work hard to treat your possessions as if they were ours. We empower our customers with knowledge of:

  • What has happened
  • What happens now
  • What they can do



Every Second Counts


Water damaged these hardwood floors after a pipe burst.

The longer water has a chance to destroy your home the more expensive and time consuming the water damage is to repair.  Water will work its way into your wall studs and floor joists and cause them to rot from within.


In just a few short hours, your beautiful hardwood floors are ruined and even your unsealed bathroom tile starts to pop loose! Given enough time, water will completely destroy even the strongest-built homes.



St. Louis Water Damage Experts

Apex Restoration responds immediately 24/7 and stops the damage in its tracks.  We stop the water damage at it’s source. Then, our professionals go to work removing the existing water using the newest state of the art drying technology.

Lines of Communication

Throughout your entire project, your project engineer will be there to explain what is going on and what happens next.  You will be involved in the process as much as you want to be.  We understand this is your home and we are honored you have chosen us to rebuild your water damaged home!

Our customers say it best!

  • "They had us boarded up within an hour after I called. Apex did a wonderful job bringing my family back to normal!"
    Tammy S. Fenton, Missouri
  • "When a tornado took the roof off our house, we were devistated! My wife and kids couldn't believe it! Apex was in the area and took care of us. We were the first house on our block done!"
    Chuck Sowell, O'Fallon, Mo
  • "We are so thankful to have found you and your company! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
    Marlyn F. Pond, Missouri
  • "I was expecting a huge headache, but Apex worked directly with my insurance company to restore our dream home better than before!"
    Thomas L. Sweet Arcadia, Missouri

Water Damage Restoration

  • Water extraction
  • Large-scale drying
  • Soft surface restoration & deodorizing
When water infiltrates your home, nothing is immune to the destruction! Water damages everything from walls and floors to your child's favorite teddy bear.

Apex Restoration thoroughly removes all seen and unseen moisture from your home. Once dry, professionals restore your home to better than new condition!

Soft-Good Restoration

  • Cleaning & Drying
  • Odor elimination
  • Rebuilding and restoring
  • Replication
In many cases, water damages more than the structure. Irreplaceable objects are damaged and simply cannot be replaced. That's why Apex Restoration works with the best restorers in the business.

Memories can only be captured once!


  • Remove odor-causing particles
  • Restore soft items
  • Fog neutralizing odor eliminators
Deodorization is an essential step after the water damage has been cleaned.

At best, clean water can stagnate causing bacteria growth.

Sewage or grey water infiltration will require extensive cleaning and odor remediation.

Apex Restoration uses scientifically-formulated products to eliminate musty odors leaving your home smelling fresh and clean!
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